The virtues of extra virgin olive oil

All the good about olive oil

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat composed almost exclusively of triglycerides, including a greater content of oleic acid.

Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil (EVO oil) is a food that has numerous virtues and beneficial characteristics.

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There are numerous effects that a quality oil, such as Ribatti’s, can exert on the body. For example, Extra Virgin olive oil promotes the bile synthesis by the liver and provides the right amount of saturated Omega-6 fatty acids. Furthermore, it is rich in polyphenols and fat-soluble vitamins that help counter the aging of cells.

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Food pairing

“A drizzle of oil on everything” is the philosophy whereby Ribatti-labeled oil arrives on the tables of its consumers. Any type of food will be enhanced by the natural simplicity of a sprinkling of Extra Virgin olive oil.

From pasta dishes to side dishes, from aperitif to a second course of meat or fish, everything will take on a new flavor rich in history and tradition—even a dessert.

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Education on consumption of Ribatti EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil

A drizzle of oil on everything is the philosophy that Olio Ribatti promotes.

But in what does it consist? Let's find out with some rules to healthy living:

  • Have a tablespoon of Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil each morning.
  • For lunch and dinner, Ribatti oil bottle should always be placed at the center of the table, in order to enjoy its flavor when drizzled “crudo”, or “raw”, and to enhance each dish with a drizzle of oil on everything.”

During the day the recommended consumption is 3-4 tablespoons.