The story
of a family

Francesco De Palma


Giuseppe Ribatti

The “Antico Frantoio”

The history of the “Antico Frantoio”, owned by the De Palma family, is a story full of honesty, kept promises and entrepreneurial spirit.

It all started in the first half of the last century, when Francesco De Palma, who had lost his father, decided to emigrate to New York, where he soon managed to start a flourishing “business” of selling coal in the winter and ice in the summer. After seven years of sacrifice, he returned to his homeland to reunite with his wife, Rosa Zaza, with whom he had only maintained correspondence. The moment of their reuniting in the evocative setting at the port of Naples was extremely moving. Thanks to a scar on his left knee, she immediately recognized him, “Ciccill u 'American”, which had become his nickname, and so they continued their life together. From their union, Cataldo De Palma was born.

Once back, Francesco decided to start up a third-party oil mill business driven by his love for his land and the products it offered. This choice also permitted him to provide work for his siblings as well as other members of the community.

Thus, in 1935, the “Antico Frantoio Francesco De Palma” was founded, also known as “U Trappite Di Mìezze Vèndre.”

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The Ribatti label

Cataldo, Rosa and Francesco’s son, having grown up, continued the operation of the Antico Frantoio De Palma until he met Giuseppina Ribatti. This encounter established a change of fortunes.

Thanks to the marriage between Cataldo De Palma and Giuseppina Ribatti, herself an olive miller’s daughter, a long-lasting family and work partnership was consolidated, which proved to be winning, as both were confident of the olive mill’s potential.

Precisely from this vision, towards the end of the 70s, the Ribatti label was created, with the bottling and labeling of Extra Virgin olive oil ready for marketing throughout the territory.

Ribatti today

Francesco De Palma and his family have carried on the historical tradition, accompanied by the charismatic presence of his parents Cataldo and Giuseppina.

Since his early age, he has always been in contact with the aromas and flavors of the green gold of Puglia. After graduating in 1983, he became convinced that the family business was an asset that needed to be protected with consistency and commitment, yet without neglecting innovation and continuous effort to improve product quality.

Together with their staff, Olio Ribatti represents the family-run company par excellence, closely linked to the territory and the products it is capable of offering.

Today, Ribatti-labeled Extra Virgin olive oil strives to be “always at the center of the table.”