Our Land

Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil comes only from the exquisite “Coratina” olive variety, which is typically yielded within the territory of Corato and its surrounding areas, where the cultivation of olive trees has been a craft handed down from generation to generation with passion and competence.

In particular, the variety we use bears the name of Racioppa Di Corato, also known as the Coratina olive, which has a very high oil yield of up to about 25%. The organoleptic properties that distinguish the “Coratina” variety are a pleasant bitter flavor and spicy notes, which indicate a very high quality olive oil. These characteristics are the result of a very high concentration of polyphenols, which are essential for human well-being.

Puglia is a generous and florid territory, in terms of both landscapes and crops.

Olive oil, “the gold of Puglia”, is not only an age-old food grown in a mild climate but also the result of great work and sacrifice.

Every drop of Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil is precious and contains all the typical flavors and wonderful scents of the territory of Corato and its neighboring areas.

Our soil is both calcareous and well drained and the mild climate shows no significant variations in temperature. Therefore, from our olive trees we obtain an olive oil with a fruity and full-bodied taste.

The olive groves require continuous and careful care: the soil is ploughed at least three times a year and the trees are pruned and suckered, in order to free them of dry or unproductive branches, thus allowing the plant to be entirely caressed by the sun.

The flowering occurs in spring with an extremely slow maturation that can last until January. The harvest takes place very gently, so that the product arrives at the mill both flawless and clean.

The cultivation of olives in Puglia has been going on for millennia, but the first to harvest them were the Messapians, who settled in the first millennium BC. Not surprisingly, in some local caves remains of millstones and presses from the pre-Christian period have been found. In the past, Extra Virgin olive oil was used both in combination with the most characteristic gastronomic specialties and as a medicine for folk remedies or aesthetic treatments.

Today, Extra Virgin oil, and in particular the oil yielded from the “Coratina” variety, is considered a unique product for its qualities, so much so that every year it receives dozens of national and international certificates.