How to preserve high quality olive oil
with the utmost care

Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil is a completely natural product, resulting from the careful pressing of the “Coratina” olive variety — a true concentration of genuineness. With attentive processing we seek to preserve the intrinsic nutritional and organoleptic properties of the Extra Virgin olive oil as much as possible. Attention during harvesting, production and bottling are not enough to maintain the quality and properties of an excellent oil. Coming into play are then our consumers, the ultimate custodians of the quality of this green gold. This also gives rise to the guidelines for preserving Ribatti high quality oil.

Here are all the tips to be observed with the utmost care:

  • Store oil away from sources of light
  • Store oil away from sources of heat
  • Store oil in a dry place with a temperature that does not exceed 13-15°C
  • Always seal the bottle after use to avoid hastening the oxidation process
  • RIBATTI Extra Virgin olive oil should be consumed within 12-14 months; after this period the main organoleptic properties, such as color, flavor and aroma, are reduced.